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Steve & Sherry Landon

Since meeting in the fall of 1979 and marrying in 1980, Steve & Sherry Landon have been a team while working in a variety of creative areas; photography, journalism, publishing, graphic design and promotion as well as being active volunteers with snowmobile shows, racing, 4-H and community projects.
In the mid 1970’s while snowmobiling at his grandmother’s farm in Clare, MI local racer, Tommie Bauer came by and mentioned they were having an oval track enduro snowmobile race north of town and wanted to know if anyone was interested. Steve and his buddy wasted no time begging for a ride to the track where he saw Jim Stovak of Mt. Pleasant, take his Yamaha to victory. From that point on Steve was hooked on snowmobile racing while at the same time desiring to be more than just a race fan, he wanted to cover the racing as a member of the media.
In December 1977, Basil Niver of Team Highland advertised the Marion 150 in the Star and invited Steve to cover the race. That race would be Steve’s first time covering a snowmobile race as a member of the print media. From that point on he wrote and shot for the Harrison/Central Michigan Star, Michigan Snowmobiler, Snow Week and others. A number of his photos have appeared on ads in national snowmobile publications, catalogs, programs, fliers, posters, admission buttons, etc. Many have been designed by Sherry.
In 1985 the couple had their hands full, but with Steve having been involved in the publishing industry since high school and working in pretty much the couple decided to publish a once a year promotional magazine focused on all aspects of winter fun as well as the enduro snowmobile racing circuit. Sherry came up with a name “The Winning Edge” Magazine, The logic was that everyone needs the winning edge, be it on the track, trail or in the work place to do the job right.
On a snowy Christmas Eve in 1985, the first edition rolled off the press. From that first issue The Winning Edge Magazine expanded and still survives today. Due to poor economy, competition from the Internet they eliminated print editions in 2007 becoming the first snowmobile magazine to go digital.
Career Milestones
• December 31, 1977 - Steve covered First Snowmobile Race for Print Media -
Marion 150, Marion, MI
• Winter 1985/1986 - Started The Winning Edge Magazine
• 1995 - Sherry Landon and Laurie Shooltz Designed and produced the Book “Legends Around The Mile” – by Steve Landon & John Kenn celebrating 25 years of history at the I-500 Snowmobile Race in Sault Ste. Marie, MI
• February 1995 - Covered the Tesoro Iron Dog Gold Rush Classic Snowmobile Race (Wasilla - Nome - Wasilla) Alaska won by Todd Palin, Dewayne Drake. Flew the entire route in a Cessna 180 bush plane.
• 1996 - 2000 - Covered the Arctic Man Ski & Sno-Go Classic, Valdez Snowmobile Hill Climb, Gold Star Alaska Cross Country and United States Snowmobile Assn. oval and Lemans races.
• 2000 - Helped produce the Great Alaskan Triple Play Snowmobile Race at the Wolverine Lodge on Lake Louise - near Glennallen, Alaska.
• 2001 - Created and Directed from 2000-2013 “Memories at the Mile” Vintage Snowmobile Show at the Soo I-500 Snowmobile Race.
• 2004 - Recipients of the 2004 Eagle Media Award For Great Race Coverage in The Winning Edge Magazine.
• 2007 - Mick Schuler Media Award Recipient.
• 2011 - Sherry earned her Visual Arts and Graphic Design degrees with High Honors.
• 2013 - Sherry designed & produced a 152 page 50th Anniversary Eagle River, WI World Championship Snowmobile Derby History Book.