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Mel Householder

I would like to nominate my father, Mel Householder, for the Michigan Motorsports Hall of Fame. He never cared about recognition for his accomplishments, only the love of the race, so I don’t have many details because he didn’t keep records.
Melvin (Mel) Householder was born in Lawrence County, Arkansas on February 3, 1938. He moved to Flint, Mi. in 1950 and resided there until his passing on November 9, 2009. Mel became interested in racing while helping his brother-in-law work on his race car. In 1960, his brother-in-law moved away and left the race car. He raced Hobby Stocks and won several championships, Pro Stocks, Super Stocks, and Sprints. He was always a tough and clean competitor and had numerous wins. Throughout his racing career, He was an owner, driver, mechanic, sponsor (for himself and others who he built motors for) and engine builder.
He owned Rat-Tech Engineering where he built not only his own motors, but his competitor’s motors as well. His racing career spanned from 1960-2003 where he raced at Auto City Speedway, Dixie Speedway, and several other tracks across Michigan, Canada, and other states. He holds the record at Auto City Speedway for the fastest time on the dirt half mile in the Super Stock division of 18.69 which will never be broken. He also won 14 straight features at Auto City where there was a bounty declared on him. His racing partners and associates were Dennis Williams, Mel Pierce, and Dennis Berry. His wife is Holley Householder; his children are Rick Fuhst, Denise Van Vliet, Melvin Householder Jr., Paul Householder, and me, Jamie Householder
Thank You for your time and consideration,
Jamie Householder
5255 W. Carpenter Road.