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Marvin Pifer  Sr.

Marvin Pifer, Sr's best year in sprint cars was 1953 when he won 23 out of 25 I.M.C.A. and C.S.R.A. features he entered.  In 1956 he went to Indy and passed his rookie test the first week.  Later in the week while practicing, he lost it in turn 4 and hit the wall sideways.  He hit so hard that it left parts of his Cromwell helmet imbedded in the cement wall.  In his scrapbook is a story saying that because of that and the severity of his injuries, the speedway made all drivers go to the new bell style full helmet.
It took Marvin about two years to recover; and he came back in 1958, but missed the show. He was back again in 1959, but was in line to qualify when it started to rain on the last day and it never quit.
In 1960 Marvin opened a new garage and new car dealership in Adrian, Michigan.  He was selling new jeeps and triumph cars.  In 1963 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that was brought on by his crash at Indy.  By 1968 he was in a wheel chair, and in 1972 he sold the business.  He passed away in 1974.  (1928 - 1974)