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Lyle Roberts

RobertsLyle Carman 72 150x150Lyle Roberts from Kalamazoo started racing in 1953 with stock cars at the Kalamazoo Motor Speedway. He owned super modifieds throughout the fifties and sixties, and in 1966 his car won 18 features with Mort Anderson driving at Hartford Motor Speedway and Berlin Raceway.
During the late 1960's he campaigned a C.A.E. Sprint Car in I.M.C.A. and A.S.A. In 1968 he purchased the old McNamara Roadster and ran A.S.A. and outlaw pavement shows.
RobertsLyle Bigelow 72 300x195In 1971 he purchased the San Diego Steel Roadster from Jack Steck and ran it until 1983. Lyle has two USAC wins, one at Toledo, Ohio and one at Salem, Indiana with Jeff Bloom driving. He has two champ dirt car wins. One at the Indianapolis Raceway Park with Jeff Bloom and one at St. Paul, Minnesota with Marvin Carmen behind the wheel.
Lyle's cars had many wins throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. His lists of drivers reads like a who's who in racing. They include Mark Alderson, Mort Anderson, Gene Bell, Tom Bigelow, Jeff Bloom, Curly Boyd, Dick Bundy, Steve Cannon, Marvin Carman, Duke Cook, Larry Dickson, Jim Eberstine, Cy Fairchild, Oscar Faye, Butch Fedewa, Rick Ferkel, Bernie Graybell, Buzz Gregory, Nolan Johncock, Danny Johnson, Duane Knoll, Jack Lindhout, Johnny Logan, Tom Marks, Charlie Masters, Jimmy Murphy, Chuck Neal, Neil Penny, Bob Schippers, Tom Sneva, Audie Swartz, Bill Tyler, Butch Wilkerson, and Ray Wright.
RobertsLyle OscarFaye 72 300x221Lyle Roberts was inducted into the "Little 500" Hall of Fame in May of 1997.
Lyle Roberts died in November of 2005.