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Dick Zimmerman

ZimmermanDick Head 72 150x150Dick Zimmerman started his racing career in 1948, driving Jalopies in and around the Kalamazoo area. He was in the point load several times at Galesburg, driving Black Beauty 01 for Les Churchill.
He went onto driving Midgets and Super Modifies at South Bend, Flatrock, Hastings, Owosso and Toledo, before hanging up his helmet in 1951. 1952 he started one of the most colorful flagging careers ever. He flagged at Galesburg and Hastings before becoming Chief Starter for Chet Mysliwiec at Berlin Speedway and Kalamazoo Speedway.
Dick was the last or next to last flagmen to flag from the track. He flagged from the track for one reason, to be part of the racing program. He made sure every driver had a fair start as he waved the green flag.
ZimmermanDick Flag 72 261x300Some of his most colorful starts were the Cross-over, where he stood in the middle of the track and the cars crossed over in front of him. The Australian Pursuit, which was a single file start, he made the cars pass between himself and the outside wall. Dick had his toes ran over so many times he stopped counting. He had the same smile and clap of the hands for each driver as they carried his Checkered Victory Flag.
Racing lost one of the most colorful people at Berlin Speedway in 1966, as Dick was struck and killed. To anyone whoever saw Dick flag, his memory will last forever. As racing was deep inside his soul.