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Richard Kalisek

Richard Kalisek from Corunna, Michigan has accomplished what many tractor pullers only dream of.
The humble farmer began tractor pulling in 1960 as a hobby, but before long found himself competiting at a national level and in 1975 he reached the pinnicle of the sport capturing the NTPA (National Tractor Pulling Association) National points championship for the 5500 Superstock class. That same year in august Kalisek earned the coveted Ring for the 5500 Superstock class at the National Tractor Pulliing Championships in Bowling Green, Ohio aka Pulltown USA.
Although Kalisek has garnered national acclaim, he has never strayed from his roots choosing to pull over the years with the NATPA (National Antique Tractor Pullers Association), NTPA, Wolverine Pullers, and in recent years the TTPA (Thumb Tractor Pullers Association).
Throughout the years Kalisek has claimed numerous wins and titles and over 50-years after beginning his pulling career; Richard Kalisek is still chasing championships. In 2011 Kalisek won the TTPA V8 Hot Rod points championship, and again in 2013 he captured the title after winning a stunning five pulls with the series.
In 2014 Kalisek captured V8 Hot Rod wins at Big Rapids, Minden City, and Bad Axe. Although Richard was unable to pull full-time with TTPA in 2015 or 2016, he continues to enjoy pulling at select events in V8 Hot Rod as well as with his antique tractors.