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billysimmonsBilly Simmons

Date of Birth: July 2, 1954
Place of Birth: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Total years in Michigan: 65 years
Family: Wife: Sharon Children: Shannon & Kristina
Nominated for: Auto Racing Driver oval track
Address: 8738 Riverside Drive - Brighton, MI. 48116
First year racing: 1972 @ Jackson Speedway, Jackson Michigan
Initial Interest: Initial interest was developed through his mother Joan Simmons, and father Lil Richard Simmons.
For Billy’s 16th birthday in 1971, Lil Richard (Dad) put him in his car at Jackson Speedway to hot lap then he let Billyqualify and Billy set fast time and won the 4-car dash. Billy broke Lil Richards Feature win streak in 1973 which startedanother streak of Feature win’s of a Simmons winning every Super 6 feature at Jackson from 1971 through 1973.
He always had time to help the other drivers at the track and meet with the fans after the races.
It’s quite ironic that Billy won his first race a 4- car dash in 1971 at Jackson and his last race a Feature at Galesburg in 2006. Nice way to start and end his vast racing career.
Figure 8 feature at Anderson Speedway, After the race on the front stretch were the top 3 finishers were park after the race the Crowd was causing a big commotion with the Officials as the fans thought Billy had won the race on a flat tire. Billy knew he finished second, but here’s an out of town driver that the fans were supporting as the winner over one of their home town driver.
Another time Billy beat Kenny St. John, Kenny was the King of Figure 8 racing in Indiana. They raced for 50 laps swapping the lead and they NEVER touched each other. Kenny came up after the race and ask Billy “How does it feel to beat a $50k car?” Kenny new Billy built his own car and engine.
Billy has made many friends with fellow racers and fans with his clean driving style. His style of driving made Billy a favorite of race fans where ever he raced. Billy was always the one to watch at any track. His competitive nature and cars prepared to the best of his ability always had him running up front at the finish. With Billy being brought up in a racing family he always wanted to put on a good show for the fans, that’s the promoter (Mom) side of the family coming out. With numerous feature wins, 4 Track championships and 8 Series Championships proves that Billy could drive and win.
Auto Racing Accomplishments:
1968-71 Crewed on Lil Richard’s race cars.
1972-74 72’ Champion Super Six division at Owosso Speedway. 72’ Rookie of the year C.A.R.S. Super Six Division.
Raced Super Six Division at Spartan, Jackson, Owosso and Mt Clemens Race tracks with numerous wins at
all tracks.
1975-77 A.R.C.A. late models, 1975 ARCA rookie of the year.
1978-82 A.R.C.A. Figure-8’s, first win was the Mid Season Championship Race.
1983 Michigan State Figure 8 Champion, 1983 Open Competition Red, White and Blue Series Figure-8 Champion
1983-87 Champion 1983, 1985 and 1987 Open Competition Red, White and Blue Series Figure-8 races, at Anderson
Speedway, Anderson Indiana. This series held three 50 lap races during the year. Billy won all three races in
1987 only two drivers to do this, the other was Kenny St. John
1999-2006 Michigan Legends Series, Winning Championships in 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006.
2008 Invited back to Anderson Speedway to be Grand Marshall of the return on Outlaw figure 8 racing to Anderson
Speedway. (Figure 8 Legend returns to Anderson)
2015 Inducted into the Mt. Clemens Race Track Hall of Fame.
Most memorable feat or cherished memories in career:
Feature Wins in 4 decades in the 1970'S, 80'S, 90'S, and 2000’s, Winning Pat Beebe Memorial race in 2001. Racing for
Promoters, Tom Kestenholtz, Paul Zimmerman, John Marcum, Ed Jones &, Ron Drager.
Winning the Michigan State Figure-8 series at Spartan Speedway. Red White and Blue series Championships.