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Harry Foote Sr.

0FooteHarrySrHead72 150x150Harry started racing at the age of 17 (1947), he has been a Driver, Track Champion, Car Builder, Car Owner, Wrecker Driver and Flagman throughout his 60+ years in the racing! Harry went on to hold several track records, many Fast Times, Feature wins and Heat wins. They are to numerous to count, well over 150 as well as over 100 trophies during his career in racing. Tracks he raced at Galesburg, Mottville, Kalamazoo, Butler, Prairie River, South Bend, Hartford, Hastings, Kendallville Fairgrounds, Whiskey Run, Shady Bowl, Jonesville, M-40 and many others.
In 1949 Harry teamed up and drove for Galen Hock a few years. In the early 1950’s he teamed up and drove for Lester Churchill from the Sinclair Station in Vicksburg, Michigan. In the late 1950’s Harry teamed up and drove for Archie Keys and won the 1st Galesburg 500 at Galesburg Speedway.
0FooteHarrySrold0 72 300x181In 1960 Harry teamed up and drove for George Curtis and Curtis Auto Body from Vicksburg, Michigan. Harry won his track championship in 1963 at Hastings Speedway and 1964 at Mottville Speedway. In 1963 Harry was on the front page of the 1st issue of Marc Times Racing News and Harry purchased the very 1st issue. In 1965 Harry helped his son Harry, Jr at age 12 built his 1st race car with friend Duane VanAtta. Harry Sr drove for them because they were too young to drive. Harry also started is Flagging career at Hastings Speedway.
In the early 1970’s Harry continued to race. He also built cars for others and was the owner of the #12 car driven by Junior Sinclair. In 1974-76 he teamed up and drove for Glen Robinson the #38 to several victories.
In 1977 he began assisting the flagman, provided his own wrecker for the track to use, and checked cars for safety at Galesburg Speedway in between part time racing.
In the 1980’s Harry was the Flagman for Galesburg Speedway and watched his 3 son’s (Harry Jr, Danny and John) go on to win their own Championships.
0FooteHarrySrNov 72 300x151In 1996-98 Harry built a dwarf car and on October 27, 1996 he made his racing debut for the Dwarf series at M-40 Speedway, after several years of the Dwarf series, he retired.
Harry was born and raised in Sturgis, Mendon, Vicksburg area. He later moved to Comstock, Kalamazoo area where he and his wife Edith raised their children.  Even after retiring from racing he still enjoyed tinkering on cars in his garage and on Saturday night would go watch the races especially when they were having the old timers night so he could see and talk to old friends.  The Foote family has been involved in auto racing for over 60 years and still carries on the racing tradition with a lot of pride.
Harry Foote, Sr is an asset and fine representative of the Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame.
Harry passed away on August 12, 2013.