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Mickey Katlin

0KatlinMickey72 300x218Mickey Katlin began racing at age 18. He retired in the early 70's. He was also a test driver at the Chrysler Proving Grounds. He drove late Models, supermodifieds, roadsters, super stocks, hard tops, everything but midgets, as he couldn't fit into them. Some of the owners over the years include the Okimoto Brothers (The Japs), Harry Sawallich, Strohs Brewery Team, Morgan.
He ran for various associations including the Michigan Modified Hardtop Racing Association (MMHRA); the Michigan Modified Stock Racing Association (MMSRA); NASCAR; and the Toledo All Stars. Mickey died December 7, 1990. RECORDS:
  • Flat Rock National Championship 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957
  • Flat Rock Elimination Championship 1955
  • NASCAR 1955, 1956
  • Motor City Speedway Championship 1955, 1956
  • Motor City Hard Top Championship 1955, 1956
  • NASCAR Michigan Hard Top ChampionshipI 1955, 1956
  • Michigan State Super Stock Championship 1966
  • Auto City Top V8 Qualifier 1965
  • Land Of Lakes Mid Season Championship
  • MMSRA Championship
  • Jackson Motor Speedway Championship
  • Owosso Speedway Championship
  • Dixie Speedway Championship
  • Auto City Speedway Championship
  • Point Championship at 12 different tracks in the same year
  • 13 straight feature wins at the Jackson Fairgrounds
  • Toledo Motor Speedway Championship
  • Sandusky Motor Speedway Championship
KatlinMickey 71 72 300x220TRACKS COMPETED AT:
  • MICHIGAN: Auto City, Dixie, Hartford, Spartan, Pontiac-M59, Jackson Motor Speedway, Jackson Fairgrounds, Flat Rock, Motor City, Michigan State Fairgrounds, Mt. Clemens, Owosso, Auburn, Kalamazoo, Hastings, Capitol City (Lansing), Marne, Grand Rapids Speedrome, and many others.
  • OHIO: Sandusky, Columbus, Toledo, Toledo Raceway Park, Fremont, Old Miami
  • INDIANA: South Bend
  • FLORIDA: Daytona Beach (on beach)
  • TEXAS: Harlinger Speedway
  • CALIFORNIA: 2 tracks in 1959
  • CANADA: Tilbury, Delaware, 2 tracks at Toronto.