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Russ Jacobson

0JacobsonRussHead 72 150x150Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan Russ' family moved to the Detroit area many years ago. Coming from a racing family, Russ' dad Jake first started racing Big Cars in 1921 and switched to Midgets in 1935 when they came out. Beginning his Midget auto racing career in 1948, Russ has gone on to win in excess of 300 features.
JacobsonRussJ2 72 300x208Russ took his old blue J2, a car that was built before WWII and was older than 90% of the 85 drivers in the program and was the "D" feature winner before dropping a cylinder while moving up in the "C" feature. The old blue J2 is now retired and Russ Jacobson does not plan on suiting up anymore, but we have the memories and they are rich with nostalgia for us with the racin' Jacobsons.