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Gar Wood

WoodGar Head 72 150x150Gar Wood was born in Mapleton, Iowa, on December 4, 1880. He moved to Detroit where started Gar Wood Industries. He was connected with Chris Craft Corp and built Gar Wood Mansion in Detroit. His nickname was "Silver Fox" because of striking white hair. He died in Miami, Florida, 1971
He invented numerous hydraulic hoist devised for the U.S. Navy PT Boat used in WWII. He races many boats including the Miss America Hydroplane. Gar ran hydroplanes out of the Detroit area from 1917 for decades.
WoodGar action 72 300x150
  • 1920 Miss America I (All on Detroit River)
  • 1921 Miss America II
  • 1926 Miss America V
  • 1928 Miss America VII
  • 1930 Miss America IX
  • 1931 Miss America VIII
  • 1932 Miss America X (on Lake St. Clair)
  • 1933 Miss America X (on St. Clair River)
  • 1917 Miss Detroit II
  • 1919 Miss Detroit III
  • 1920 Miss America
  • 1921 Miss America
WoodGar wheel 72 300x239Gar Wood's record for most consecutive APBA Gold Cup wins that stood for 66 years. Long standing point to point and powerboat speed records. Gar Wood died at the age of 90 on June 19, 1971  (1880 - 1971) .